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Glint in a player's inventory in Alpha-2.[1]

You're hovering over an item we call Glint. [It] comes in a few different rarities. It was formerly known as the monster certificates but we have rebranded them.[1]Chris Justo

Glint rarities in Alpha-2.[1]

Glint (previously known as Hunting certificates and Monster certificates) is a bound currency that drops from mobs and players, and is offered as a reward for completing certain quests, events, and achievements. Glint is intended to be the primary method for generating gold in the Ashes of Creation economy.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

Glint serves a very integral role in the economy within Ashes of Creation. It is a material substance that is acquired through various means, but primarily hunting different antagonists within the world; and it is the physical form of Essence within the beasts of Verra. So when you acquire this it is bound to your character, and that is a very important component of the economic systems here because glint will be used to pay for certain services, such as taxation for buildings that you have, or citizenship dues that are necessary.[8]Steven Sharif
  • Glint may be traded with commodities vendors for player commodities. These commodities can then be transported to other nodes (via caravan or merchant ship) where they can be traded for gold.[4][13][6][14][7] The gold value is based on the demand for the commodity at the destination node (over the last seven days) as well as its distance from the originating node.[17][4]

List of glint types

Glint type Rarity
Radiant Glint Legendary
Illustrious Glint Epic
Bright Glint Heroic
Glowing Glint Rare
Dim Glint Uncommon
Dull Glint Common

Hunting lodges

Hunting lodges (also called Hunter's lodges) are default service buildings that come pre-built with nodes.[3][19]

Commodities vendors

Commodities vendors are NPCs at hunting lodges within nodes.[19][6][14][7]

  • Commodities vendors trade glint for player commodities.[19][4][5][6][14][7]
    • These commodities can be traded for gold at commodities vendors.[19][4][5][6][14][7] The gold value is based on the demand for the commodity at the destination node (over the last seven days) as well as its distance from the originating node.[17][4][13][6]
      • Example: Transiting Salt Cured Meat from Winstead to the adjacent Miraleth node should yield an approximate 5x multiplier to the gold value (from 150 at the origin node to 8 at the destination node). These rates are subject to testing and balancing.[21]
    • Commodities can also be traded at the originating node for an approximately equal value that they were purchased for.[17]
    • Commodities vendors can also trade glint directly for a lesser amount of gold than would be achievable through exchanging commodities with other nodes.[16]
  • Player commodities may be sold directly from caravan (or merchant ship) inventory to commodities vendors.[22]
You can sell it back for around the cost you bought them for in terms of the glint to gold conversion, but you should be putting them in a caravan and taking them to another node, because that will increase the value based on the node you take it to: how far away that node is and and how many of that commodity has been sold at that node over the last seven days.[17]Chris Justo

Player commodities

Player commodities are one of the main ways for players to make gold in Verra.[2][16][3][4][5][6][7]

Commodities- player commodities specifically is one of the main ways players can make money or gold in Verra; and different nodes will sell different commodities at different prices. So the way you make money is by- either you sell your glint directly to the commodity vendor and just make some quick money at the node, or the most profitable way to do it is to buy some player commodities and then transit them to other nodes where they're going to be sold for higher prices at- the side-effect is that you have increased risk in doing it.[16]John Collins
  • Player commodities can be traded back for gold at commodities vendors.[19][4][5][6][14][7] The gold value is based on the demand for the commodity at the destination node as well as its distance from the originating node.[24][17][4][13][6] Player commodities traded at the originating node will return an approximately equal value that they were purchased for.[17]
The further you transit the commodities in the world, the greater the return rate is for that commodity. Why? Because the risk is greater. The further you travel the more risk you inherit.[24]Steven Sharif
It's important to note that at the end of this demonstration you just saw, I sold the commodities to the Miraleth node. I didn't have to do that. I could have kept the Winstead commodities that I originated with in Miraleth and launched another caravan at a later time to take those commodities to a node even further away and sold it for a higher exchange rate. In addition, depending on the times in which nodes exist, it is entirely possible that Winstead might be destroyed at some point in the future; and I have a hoard of Winstead commodities that I've been saving in other nodes that would dramatically increase the price as well. So there's speculation within the market also, which is an important component I think of the intricacies that good economic gameplay needs to provide.[24]Steven Sharif

List of player commodities

Item Icon Rarity Cost
Aged Aelan Whiskey Barrel Aged Aelan Whiskey Barrel.png Rare 635
Ancient Aelan Wine Barrel Ancient Aelan Wine Barrel Icon.png Rare 635
Ancient Aelan Wine Flagons Ancient Aelan Wine Flagons Icon.png Rare
Case of Dunir Tools Case of Dunir Tools Icon.png Common 8
Case of Everburn Scented Candles Everburn Scented Candles Case.png Uncommon 68
Case of Kaelar Wooden Soldiers Case of Kaelar Wooden Soldiers.png Common 8
Hardy Rations Shipment Hardy Rations Shipment Icon.png Epic 225
Lightly Seasoned Meat Lightly Seasoned Meat Case.png Uncommon 68
Packs of Fresh Produce Packs of Fresh Produce Icon.png Uncommon
Salt Cured Meat Salt Cured Meat Shipment.png Epic 225

Loot tables

Q: Can only one gathering artisan harvest resources from a single boss, or can multiple different artisans harvest different parts from a boss for different resources? For example, a lumberjack gets a special wood from Tumock's tree weapon, while a herbalist gathers the flowers from that same tree.
A: We don't have the concept of harvesting from bosses. NPCs follow a reward table format, where those reward tables are global. They're not unique to particular players. So, once the NPC is vanquished, you have access to the loot container that is its corpse; and it has a static value of either materials or items that get dropped; and whatever the party loot settings are that you might be a part of, or if you're a solo player you will be able to recover those things.[38]


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