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Threat assessment

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Players will have a buff on their nameplate that indicates the gear set they are wearing. Other players will be able to see this buff by targeting that player at a distance.[1][2][3]

  • This will indicate the type of gear (cloth, leather, plate) that they are predominantly wearing.[2]
  • The border will indicate the level and quality of the tier set.[1][2][4]
  • This also indicates if the gear is enchanted.[2][4]
  • The developers believe that inspecting gear to obtain an exact equipment list or gear score may lead to "unwelcome behavior".[5]

When you see a player approaching you and they're wearing a transmog you know you don't know if that person is a high damage mitigation against physical damage or against magical damage and essentially the way we overcome that is through you being able to target a player at a distance and they will have a buff that's present on them that you will see, which indicates that essentially the piece set that they are wearing. It is important for players to be able to ascertain from a threat assessment standpoint you know what they're going up against if they're actively checking that and that will be available.[3]Steven Sharif

Being by default able to see a person's "gear score" / equipment list... may cause unwelcome behavior.[5]


Health is a stat in Ashes of Creation.[6][7]

  • Players that are not in the same party or raid will not be able to see other player's health percentages or exact health bar values.[6][7]
  • A player's name plate will deteriorate to give an indication of how much damage they have taken.[6][7][8]

With regards to seeing another player's health: As you know their name plate will deteriorate or give you an indication of like hey they've taken damage they're significantly injured, but you're not going to get a percentage. You're not gonna get an exact bar value, unless you're in their party or in their raid.[7]Steven Sharif


A character's nameplate is displayed above their head.[9]

  • This can be the first, and optionally last name (surname).[9]
  • The name of the character's Guild is displayed next to their name.[10]
  • The character's nameplate will deteriorate to give an indication of how much damage they have taken.[6][7][8]
  • An icon will identify the character's class.[1]
  • Hovering over the user's nameplate will show information such as level, their class name and archetype combo.[1]
  • A buff icon indicates the character's gear and grade.[1][2][3]

Summoner summons' creature type appears in the nameplate above the summon. This cannot be changed by the player.[11]

Gear sets

Kaelar tier 1 (level 10) early Alpha-1 cloth armor non-cosmetic set 3D renders.[12]

Gear sets (also known as tier sets) are a part of Ashes of Creation.[13][14]

  • Different tiers of gear are accessible based on a character's level.[13][14]
  • Players gain bonuses depending on the number of pieces of the set they have equipped.[13][14]
    • An overarching set effect is granted to wearers of exclusively one type of armor, for example: all cloth, or all plate.[15]
    • Certain set bonuses may trade off core gear stats.[16]
    • There may be set bonuses that members of certain communities will obtain based on gear set type.[14]
  • There are passive abilities that can be chosen to become more adept with certain set types.[14]
  • There will be viable non-set builds.[16]
  • Racial appearance of gear sets is tied to the character model of that race.[17]

Approximately 49 unique gear sets are obtainable in Alpha-1 from crafting, quests, drops and exploration.[18]

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