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Alpha-2 Mage Chain Lightning arcing around an environmental obstacle.[1]

You saw there that I ice bolted to apply stacks of chill. I Then followed up with my Elemental Empowerment attacks that added additional chill stacks, which created the frozen condition on the target they couldn't move; and then before that frozen conditions subsided I used my Arc Lightning in order to cause the Shattered effect.[2]Steven Sharif

Alpha-2 Melee Mage using a Greatsword weapon combo with class abilities.[3]

Different weapons have different synergies with class abilities, which just introduces that extra level of depth. It's like, how can I maximize the effect of this... I'm trading in this case my ranged potential for the ability to apply these status effects in a more AoE regard, which makes Greatsword a lot better for dealing with packs than the wand; and sometimes you'll even be able to use either one based on the situation. We allow players to swap their weapons based on what they are coming up against and it creates a lot of answers to different situations if you have the tools for it.[4]Tradd Thompson

Mage3.PNG Mage is an archetype in Ashes of Creation.[5][6]

  • Mages are able to combine skills from different elements, along with non-elemental spells and weapon attacks to produce powerful synergies and combos.[2]
    • Players can focus exclusively on a single element, but this will reduce their ability to benefit from synergies and combos between different elements.[7]
Passive essence is converted into useful forms and patterns under their direction, which can then take the shape of nearly anything imaginable! Mages can bend space, summon light, or set the very air ablaze – applying force in all its rawness, or in any shade of their elemental fury.[5]
  • Mages tend to have the most direct relationship with The Essence compared to others.[5]
Mages tend to have the most direct relationship with essence compared to others, and they manage that bond with a singular will... As a Mage’s connection to essence develops further, their power will continue to grow, unfold, and take shape.[5]

Mage classes

Class Primary Secondary
Acolyte Mage Cleric
Archwizard Mage Mage
Battle Mage Mage Fighter
Shadow Caster Mage Rogue
Sorcerer Mage Bard
Spellhunter Mage Ranger
Spellstone Mage Tank
Warlock Mage Summoner


Skill Icon Base skill
Arcane Empowerment Mage Spell Shift 8.png Temporarily dramatically increased cast time while active. Consume all spell charges for increased duration per charge consumed. Spell charges are generated whenever you cast an offensive mage spell while not under the effects of Arcane Empowerment. Each cast generates 1 charge, up to a maximum of 10 charges.[8]
Arcane Eye Arcane Eye Icon.png Conjure a magical eye that reveals any camouflaged enemies within a 20 meter radius around you to you and all party members over the next 8 seconds.[9]
Arcane Volley Arcane Volley (Active).png Fires a volley of arcane missiles at your target, dealing arcane damage with each hit.[10][11]
Ball Lightning Ball Lightning Icon.png Creates a large ball of highly charged electricity that travels slowly forward, dealing rapid periodic lightning damage to enemies it overlaps with and applying 1 Electrified stack to targets with each hit.[12][13][14]
Blink Blink.png Instantly teleport a set distance in the direction you are moving.[15][16]
Blizzard Blizzard.png Channel a massive blizzard around you, raining a barrage of hail shards upon your enemies while channeling. Each shard impact deals ice damage in a small area around it. All enemies in the blizzard also acquire 1 stack of Chilled periodically. Activate the ability again to end the channel early.[17][18][12]
Chain Lightning Chain Lightning Icon clean.png Release a powerful streak of lightning that hits your primary target and then chains outward to all nearby enemies from that target, dealing lightning damage and applying 3 stacks of Electrified to each target hit.[19][20][21]
Cone of Cold Cone of Ice.png Blasts a cone of cold in front of the caster, dealing ice damage and applying 1 stack of Chilled to each enemy hit.[12][22][23]
Elemental Empowerment Elemental Empowerment (active).png Whenever you cast an elemental spell, your weapon attacks deal additional damage of that spell's element and apply a stack of the corresponding elemental status effects to targets hit. Casting a spell of a different element switches this effect to the new element.[24][25]
Fireball Fireball (Active).png Instantly hurl a ball of fire toward your target, dealing fire damage and applying 1 stack of Burning to target on impact. Burning deals periodic fire damage over time for each stack applied. When the target reaches 5 stacks, they become Conflagrated, dealing extreme fire damage over time.[26] Hitting a conflagrating enemy with a lightning spell causes Fusion, dealing significant damage and removing the Conflagrated effect.[27]
Fissure Mage Spell 7.png Call forth a line of jagged earth spikes in front of the[sic] you, dealing earth damage and applying 10 stacks of Stagger to each enemy hit along its path while launching them upwards.[28]
Frostbolt Frostbolt (Active).png Launch a bolt of frost towards your target, dealing ice damage and applying 2 Chilled stacks to the target on impact. Chilled reduces movement speed of the target for each stack applied. When the target reaches 5 stacks, they become Frozen, rooting them in place for the duration. Hitting a frozen enemy with a lightning spell causes them to Shatter, dealing significant damage and removing the Frozen effect.[29][30]
Lightning Strike Lightning Strike (Active).png Held ability: Charge up a bolt of lightning to unleash upon your target, dealing lightning damage and applying 2 stacks of Electrified to the target. This deals additional damage based on how long it was charged. Electrified reduces the target's magical mitigation for each stack applied. When the target reaches 10 stacks, all Electrified stacks are consumed and they become temporarily Shocked. Whenever a Shocked enemy takes damage, they take additional damage and 1 stack of Shocked is consumed. Shocked is initially applied with 20 stacks.[31][32]
Magma Field (Lavastorm).png Erupts the earth at target location, forming a boiling pool of lava that deals fire damage to enemies per tick while periodically applying a stack of Burning to enemies within the area.[33]
Meteor (Meteor Shower).png Conjures a massive flaming rock before sending it hurling toward target location. Upon impact, it deals major fire damage while knocking foes flying, and then continues to roll forward for its remaining distance, dealing additional fire damage while applying stacks of Burning to enemies along its path.[34]
Quake Quake.png Held ability: Cast a powerful earthquake that deals more damage the longer it was charged and applies 10 stacks of Staggered to all enemies around the caster. If the spell was fully charged, this applies Tripped instead of Staggered.[35]
Shell Shield.png Create a protective magical shell[36] around yourself that absorbs a large amount of damage before breaking.[37][38]
Slumber Slumber (Active).png Applies the sleeping condition to targets affected within a small area around the primary target, rendering them unable to move or take any action. Any damage dealt to a sleeping target will break the effect. Duration is reduced by 20% for each additional target hit, to a minimum of 40% of base duration.[39][40][41]


There are elements (such as Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Electrical) in Ashes of Creation each with their own resistances.[42][43][43][44][45][46]

  • There may be ley lines and strong magical places in the world that change or alter the way spells work.[51]
We've discussed a little bit about how the seasons and biomes will react with different types of skills. Like if you have a fireball and it's summer it might be a little bit different. If it's winter and you have a frost ability it might be different.[50]Steven Sharif

Mage augments

Mages will offer four magical schools of augmentation, such as teleportation, fire, frost, and lightning (electrical).[44][52][46]

Say for instance, I am a Ranger that has a Charge bolt ability as my primary active skill and I've chosen Mage as my secondary and applied the elemental to it. I now have a Frost charge bolt, and if I fire that frostbolt and hit a target, they may be freezing for a period of time as a debuff and that might slow their speed. If a wizard applies a nuke on a target and that nuke is a frost-based nuke, those two stacking elements might then either further snare (slow the target) or paralyze and freeze the target. So, there are combination out effects that build up: A primary, secondary and some ancillary effect occurs when those are combined.[46]Steven Sharif
There's going to be four schools of augmentation for each archetype. One of the schools for the mage is the teleport school. You can take that teleport augment, apply it to your charge skill: now instead of charging x distance over time you're going to immediately teleport to the target dealing x damage and a condition modifier. If you were to apply the elemental school to your class ability you would then instead you would charge x distance; upon reaching target you would set the target ablaze if it's fire or you would electrocute them and deal with damage over time.[44]Steven Sharif


Spellbooks are a type of ranged weapon in Ashes of Creation.[54][55]

When we were creating the book we have for Alpha-0, one the ideas floating around was to have a large tome with a chain that held the tome; and you could swing the tome to hit your targets as a melee book. Whether or not that comes to fruition we will see, but it was an idea on the sketchboard.[56]Steven Sharif


Orbs are a type of weapon in Ashes of Creation.[54][57]

Mage timeline

The Mage archetype is expected to be present at the start of Alpha-2.[58]


Archetype list

Miniatura Klasa Typ walki.[62] Rola.[63]
bard icon.png Bard Na odległość Wsparcie
cleric icon.png Cleric Na odległość Wsparcie
fighter icon new.png Fighter W zwarciu Damage
mage icon.png Mage Na odległość Damage
ranger icon.png Hunter W zwarciu Damage
rogue icon new.png Rogue W zwarciu Damage
summoner icon.png Summoner Na odległość -
tank icon.png Tank W zwarciu Tank

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