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Staggered Effect icon.png

Staggered is a type of status effect in Ashes of Creation.[1]

  • When in a staggered state, the target's physical abilities are either muted or are inaccessible.[1]
Skill Icon Origin Description
Chains of Restraint Chains of Restraint Icon2.png Cleric Call forth spectral chains in a target area that stagger enemies within or stun enemies already under the staggered effect, then leave behind an area that deals radiant damage each second over 8 seconds.[2][3]
Fissure Mage Spell 7.png Mage Call forth a line of jagged earth spikes in front of the[sic] you, dealing earth damage and applying 10 stacks of Stagger to each enemy hit along its path while launching them upwards.[4]
Imbue Ammo: Concussive Imbue Ammo Concussive Icon2.png Ranger Imbues your ammunition with concussive force. Enemies hit by your bow attacks suffer ten stacks of the Staggered status effect, increasing Tripped duration when applied and lowering their accuracy and evasion stats per stack. 10 charges.[5]
Quake Quake.png Mage Held ability: Cast a powerful earthquake that deals more damage the longer it was charged and applies 10 stacks of Staggered to all enemies around the caster. If the spell was fully charged, this applies Tripped instead of Staggered.[6]
Relentless Form of the Avalanche Relentless Form of the Avalanche Skill Tree IconAlpha.png Fighter Form of the Avalanche causes your weapon combo attacks to apply 3 stacks of Staggered to enemies hit, plus 1 additional stack per 30 Combat Momentum you have. Staggered reduces physical accuracy by 0.1% per stack and physical disable reduction by 1% per stack.[7]
Slam Slam.png Tank Slam your target with immense force, knocking them back. Applies 10 stagger. Deals 500% additional threat.[8]
Tremoring Bellow TremoringBellowIcon.png Tank Releases a thundering shout in a forward cone, applying the staggered condition on enemy targets. Also stomps the ground dealing damage around the caster and tripping enemies affected by the snared condition.[9]

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