Lightning Strike

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Alpha-2 Lightning Strike ability. VFX by John Kent.[1]

This one's a little more straightforward. It's kind of one of your bread-and-butter single target abilities. You can charge it for varying degrees of efficacy. So, you can either release it really soon to apply stacks quickly of the Electrified status effect in the lightning category, or you can charge it up longer and do more damage.[1]Tradd Thompson

Lightning Strike (Active).png

Alpha-2 Mage skill:

Base skill
Held ability: Charge up a bolt of lightning to unleash upon your target, dealing lightning damage and applying 2 stacks of Electrified to the target. This deals additional damage based on how long it was charged. Electrified reduces the target's magical mitigation for each stack applied. When the target reaches 10 stacks, all Electrified stacks are consumed and they become temporarily Shocked. Whenever a Shocked enemy takes damage, they take additional damage and 1 stack of Shocked is consumed. Shocked is initially applied with 20 stacks.[2][1]

Elemental empowerment

Skill Icon Base skill
Elemental Empowerment Elemental Empowerment (active).png Whenever you cast an elemental spell, your weapon attacks deal additional damage of that spell's element and apply a stack of the corresponding elemental status effects to targets hit. Casting a spell of a different element switches this effect to the new element.[3][4]

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