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Looting commodities from caravan (and merchant ship wreckages) will convert them into stolen commodities (also referred to as Stolen goods).[2][3][4][5]

When you crack open a crate of commodities you don't get the commodities themselves, since they're crated cargo items, you actually get stolen goods and you can use those stolen commodity certificates to go and turn them into a black market to get some money back.[2]John Collins

List of stolen commodities

- None -

Black markets

Alpha-2 Black market service building in the Miraleth node.[8]

Marketplaces don't normally come with a Black market and it's a part of the expansion tree. So it's a choice you can make on your marketplace to be a where bandits take their stuff.[8]John Collins

Black markets are available through upgrades/expansions to marketplace service buildings.[8][5]

List of black market vendors


Commodities are types of cargo that can be transported by caravans and merchant ships.[9] There are two types of commodities in Ashes of Creation.[10]

Player commodities

Player commodities are one of the main ways for players to make gold in Verra.[14][13][9][5][15][16][17]

Commodities- player commodities specifically is one of the main ways players can make money or gold in Verra; and different nodes will sell different commodities at different prices. So the way you make money is by- either you sell your glint directly to the commodity vendor and just make some quick money at the node, or the most profitable way to do it is to buy some player commodities and then transit them to other nodes where they're going to be sold for higher prices at- the side-effect is that you have increased risk in doing it.[13]John Collins
  • Player commodities can be traded back for gold at commodities vendors.[20][5][15][16][18][17] The gold value is based on the demand for the commodity at the destination node as well as its distance from the originating node.[21][22][5][23][16] Player commodities traded at the originating node will return an approximately equal value that they were purchased for.[22]
The further you transit the commodities in the world, the greater the return rate is for that commodity. Why? Because the risk is greater. The further you travel the more risk you inherit.[21]Steven Sharif
It's important to note that at the end of this demonstration you just saw, I sold the commodities to the Miraleth node. I didn't have to do that. I could have kept the Winstead commodities that I originated with in Miraleth and launched another caravan at a later time to take those commodities to a node even further away and sold it for a higher exchange rate. In addition, depending on the times in which nodes exist, it is entirely possible that Winstead might be destroyed at some point in the future; and I have a hoard of Winstead commodities that I've been saving in other nodes that would dramatically increase the price as well. So there's speculation within the market also, which is an important component I think of the intricacies that good economic gameplay needs to provide.[21]Steven Sharif

Node commodities

Node commodities are node-specific commodities that are used to construct, upgrade, and maintain node service buildings.[11][12]

The node generates these things we call node commodities, which are functionally node resources. Node resources are used- we spend them on buildings: to build them and upgrade them, on maintenance. You can trade them with other nodes.They're super useful to the node and increasing its quality.[11][12]Chris Justo
The node can use these resources as well to trade with other nodes that might have resource types that you need available to them.[27]Steven Sharif


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