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Mayors are chosen through different methods according to the node's type.[3][4]

Node elections

Alpha-1 node election user interface.[14]

The village stage is a unique stage because that's when the government system comes online and all other stages past village there will have already been a cadence for the election system and it will follow that cadence, but after the initial village stage is completed there will be a one week period where players have an opportunity to establish citizenship at the village that also provides for the cooldown time that is- that would be present on players leaving another node to participate in in this particular node leveling up. But that after that one week period then there will be a one-week election process and then from that point moving forward will be the one month cadence that the node experiences elections on.[15]Steven Sharif

Once a node has reached Village (scena 3) there will be a one week cooldown period before node elections begin.[15]

  • This cooldown period allows players to establish citizenship at the village; which may require them to relinquish previous citizenship at another node.[15]
  • Following the initial cooldown, there will be a one week election process, then from that point on, elections will follow a monthly cadence.[15]
  • Node sieges may not be declared for 21 days following a node advancing to any stage.[16]
    • This was previously stated to apply only to nodes advancing to Village (scena 3), not higher stages.[17]

Node elections occur on a monthly basis.[15][18]


Depiction of a mayor.[22]

Mayors have a unique ability to elicit change within the node proper, either through the destruction of certain buildings that have been constructed previously, because there's a limited number of slots that buildings can be constructed within, or the kickoff of additional projects, or the certain types of policies that can be enacted, like... the changing of a tax rate. They all have a unified source of energy requirement and the energy requirement is a mandate.[23]Steven Sharif

Mayors are chosen through different election methods according to the node's type.[3][4]

  • Previous mayors won't have any special system driven bonuses to help them get reelected.[24]
  • Players will be able to view a historical listing of mayors of a node.[26]

Node politics

There won't be a civil war mechanic within nodes but there will be scope for internal political conflicts; such as undermining the current leadership and disrupting trade.[27]

We want consequences to matter and if that person got elected then you need to work within the means of the mechanics to get them unelected.[28]Steven Sharif

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