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Destructible castle.[1]

You could be more precision oriented in the decision to attack a city. Let's say it's a rival node that's trying to reach a node stage five or something and you want to disable their ability for the religious system to progress so you target the temple during the attack, or you want to disable their scholars academy from reaching a higher level so that your nodes can; or you want to disable multiple buildings that allow for experience and quests to be undertaken by its citizenship, which prevents them from keeping up in pace of experience gained with your node. These can be more precision oriented and don't have to effectualize an actual takeover of the node.[2]Steven Sharif

Node buildings (including player housing) have hit points and can be damaged or destroyed by different systems.[3][4]

Mayors will also have the ability, if they want, to demolish constructed buildings. So if they if they so choose they can destroy a building if they don't think it's needed anymore. But this will have mandate cost and a player buy-in votes. So we want to make sure that [the] mayor can't just go and blow up the whole node if they're trying to grief or something. So this is very important and impactful decision.[6][7]John Collins

If building maintenance is not paid, or a building is damaged as the result of an event or siege, the building will enter a state of disarray.[6][7] Any NPCs or services offered by that building will not be available until the building is repaired.[8][4]

  • Players must contribute materials to repair disarrayed buildings and restore them to an operational state.[6][7][3][4][9]

If a node siege is successful, or if buildings otherwise take significant damage, they are destroyed and appear as rubble on the plot they occupied.[6][7][3]

Service building upkeep

Service buildings incur a regular maintenance cost of node commodities and gold from the node treasury in order to continue operations.[6][7]

  • Building maintenance is auto-paid from the treasury in order of the most valuable buildings first.[6][7]
  • If maintenance is not paid, or a building is damaged as the result of an event or siege, the building will enter a state of disarray.[6][7] Any NPCs or services offered by that building will not be available until the building is repaired.[8][4]
  • Players must contribute materials to repair disarrayed buildings and restore them to an operational state.[6][7][3][4][9]
    • Larger more advanced buildings will require more resources to repair them. In-node housing will likely require the least resources to repair.[19]
    • Previously building repair was restricted to node-citizens.[4][9]

Destructible environments

Destructible environments is a core element of how players interact with the world, in Ashes of Creation.[3][21]

  • Buildings, siege weapons and other structures (such as walls and gates) during events, such as sieges that have been damaged or destroyed will be able to be repaired or re-crafted.[22][23]
  • Destructible props in the open-world will typically respawn after 10 minutes.[24]
  • The terrain itself is not destructible.[22]

Node destruction

Nodes can be destroyed starting at Level 3 - Village Stage, and are destroyed through sieges. Sieges are started via an item which is acquired through a quest that scales in difficulty with respect to the level of the Node which is being targeted for the siege. Once the item is brought to the Node and is activated, the declaration period begins and a countdown is initiated for players in the region to see. This countdown runs for a number of days equal to the level of the Node being sieged. Once the countdown is complete, the siege begins. There is a cooldown between sieges, and players must wait a certain amount of time after an unsuccessful siege before a new siege can be declared. The higher the Node level, the longer the cooldown between sieges. If a siege is successful, then the Node is brought down to Level 0, and anyone who was a citizen of that Node is no longer a citizen.[25]Margaret Krohn

Nodes can be destroyed starting at Village (scena 3) following a successful siege against that node.[25]

It is a normal process of the world to see PvP be a catalyst for change. That is one of the defining elements of our world building approach and being a PvX game is that PvE builds the world and PvP changes the world; and as these nodes get destructed this should be a normal habit that players are accustomed to seeing that landscape changing over time, because it is the breath of renewal that then is allowed as a result of that action.[26]Steven Sharif
  • Players lose their node citizenship after their node is destroyed without entering into a cooldown period.[26][27][25]
  • Node destruction may prevent some quests from being completed.[28]
  • After a node is destroyed, the footprint of the node will enter a ruined state and will become an open PvP zone for a number of days equal to the node's level. These ruins consist of a debris field of treasures that are lootable by certain players.[10][11][12][4][13][14]
    • Which players get to loot the debris field during this period is currently under discussion by the developers.[29] Previously it was stated that any player could loot the debris field.[11] Before that it was stated that only attackers who participated in the siege will have exclusive looting rights.[30]
    • Any loot remaining after this period will be open for anyone to loot.[30]
    • After a number of days equal to the destroyed node's level, the node will revert back to stage 0 (wilderness) and any modified terrain will revert back to its original state.[11][31][32]
Those are like open-world battlegrounds that spawn on the footprint of the node after a successful siege. And these are opportunities that previous defenders have to salvage certain materials and/or equipment from the destroyed node, or that attackers have to do the same. And there's interact points that live within that environment that take time in order to interact with, which makes those individuals susceptible to potential ganking or fighting. And you can control those areas; and that exists for some period of time. It's like an open-world arena system.[10]Steven Sharif

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