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Ingots are crafting materials obtained from the processing of Ore in a smelter.[1]

List of ingot materials

Item Icon Type Profession Rarity Level requirement
Copper Ingot Ingot
Gold Ingot Ingot
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Slot.png Ingot
Mithril Ingot Ingot
Silver Ingot SilverIngotIcon.png Ingot
Superheated Ingot Ingot
Toxic Ingot Ingot


Metalworking stations (also referred to as Smelters, Kilns, and Furnaces) are a type of workstation used by the processing artisan class.[3][2][4][5]

  • These may require fuel, such as lumber, to reach the required temperature for processing a certain grade of raw material, such as ore.[4]
  • These may require monitoring to ensure they do not overheat.[4]

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