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Ore is a gatherable resource in Ashes of Creation.[2]

List of ore resources

Item Icon Type Profession Rarity Level requirement
Basalt Basalt Slot.png Ore Mining
Coal Coal2.png Ore Mining
Copper ore Copper Icon.png Ore Mining
Granite Granite Slot.png Ore Mining
Iron Ore Iron.png Ore Mining
Stellarium Stellarium.png Ore Mining
Stone Ore Mining
Zinc ZincIcon.png Ore Mining


Mining ore in Alpha-1 early preview.[2]

Mining is a Gathering profession in Ashes of Creation.[3][4]

  • Mining requires a mining pick.[2][4]
  • Ownership of a mine is not a game mechanic, however players may attempt to monopolise a resource via PvP.[4]
  • Resources will not simply respawn in the same place after some delay. Once depleted, resources will randomly respawn elsewhere in the world.[4]


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