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Blacksmithing concept art.[1]

Construction of our new blacksmith is now underway! As we wait for our fellow citizens to gather and donate resources, we decide to brush up on some of our artisan skills to prepare to make use of our precious gem.[1]

Blacksmithing in Ashes of Creation may refer to:


Smithies (also called Forges and Blacksmiths) are constructed service buildings in Ashes of Creation.[4][5]

A traditional addition to any town or city, Smithys blend a long tradition of mortal ingenuity with the skill and raw power of master craftsmen. They remain enduring symbols of dedication to the art of metalworking. and the crafting of exceptional armor and weapons.[7]


Molds are a type of crafting material in Ashes of Creation.[9]

Service building expansions

Alpha-2 service building tech tree work-in-progress UI.[7]

Default buildings they specialize as they expand. So this isn't like a traditional skill tree, it's exclusionary, more like a tech tree. So selecting the next upgrade for it will lock out the other two paths. So as you get better with the building it will continue to narrow, which allows lots of nodes to carve out lots of niches in the world.[7]Chris Justo

Service buildings are upgraded by expansions, which are unlocked through the placement of passive service buildings.[11][12]

To upgrade your building, you choose expansions, you build passive buildings to allow you to unlock those expansion slots and just a little- basically specialize your service building down a path; and the building specialization will narrow down a specific path. So you might start as a generalized Blacksmith building and then you'll specialize towards maybe armorsmithing, and then towards specifically, like plate armor through the expansion tree.[12]John Collins
  • Building expansions unlock higher tier workstations at the cost of dedicating service building plots. Lower stage nodes can achieve higher tier service buildings by dedicating a majority of their service plots to that path. Mayors decide how to specialize their node. Once they choose certain things they won't be able to choose other things.[14][15][16]
The pathway of upgrades is exclusionary. So when I choose a path down a particular building type in order to reach a tier five benefit: when I eventually reach a higher stage, or even if I'm lower stage and want to dedicate a majority of my service plots toward one particular crafting building; like I may get a very top tier workstation as a result, even if I'm still a Village node. It's like I'm the village node that makes the T5 swords because I've dedicated all of my plots to that.[14]Steven Sharif
You might have a parent node, or a Regent node, that has a vassalship over your node and you're getting benefits conferred to you through either the prerequisite of the building types that you can construct as well to make a bit more headway there.[14]Steven Sharif

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