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Artifact rarity is assigned to one-per-server items.[1]

  • Artifact items are (currently) timed items that may be downgraded to non-artifact status after a time period expires. This may be changed based on testing during the late stages of Alpha-2.[2]
Q: If a player collects a one-per-server item but stops paying their subscription, or quits playing the game, will they get to keep the item until they return?
A: It depends on the item. If we're talking about artifacts, those will likely be timed. There are some ideas that we have around whether or not artifacts get to stay with the character or get downgraded from an artifact status if they were to, let's say, not log-in after a period of time, or if that time period goes away; but it's something we're going to be testing as part of... near the later stages of Alpha 2. But right now, artifacts are timed.[2]Steven Sharif

List of artifact items

- None -

Ancient artifacts

A staff of the Ancients 3D render.[4]

This is not the Staff of the Ancients per-se, it's a staff... Here in the curvature and design of this staff you'll see that it has a very specific and unique looking type of mold so-to-speak. So there could be some relationship between these designs of the staves and/or weapons that you'll see, which are used to harness or focus the use of the Essence, or magic; and how perhaps those structures relate to the types of magic that those creatures are using.[4]Steven Sharif

The Ancient artifacts of Verra were originally discovered by King Atrax in his pursuit of the power of The Essence.[5][6] These artifacts were in close alignment to The Essence on Verra due to their proximity to the ley lines of Essence spread across the world.[7] These artifacts were originally housed in the vault of Fallow's Hold, which is one of the great dungeons of Ashes of Creation, located near the capital city of the ancient Toren empire, Torall.[7] They are now considered relics that can be acquired by nodes and housed in their reliquary.[5][6]

  • The Golden Chalice was believed to bring everlasting life but was actually allowing the corruption of manipulating The Essence to enter the soul through the physical representation of drinking something.[5]
  • The Crown represented a direct link The Ancients had into the thought process of King Atrax that the Ancients were able to manipulate.[5]
  • The Sword brought unusual power through manipulation of the evil side of the Essence, which is how Atrax maintained his dominance over his people: through physical might, essentially striking down any foe that opposed him among his administration.[5]
  • The Staff enabled Atrax to project his magic across great distances, which enabled him to extend his power and manipulation throughout the lands of Verra and allowed him to maintain vigilance over his realm.[5]
  • The Toren Godspike is an artifact that could initiate a fissure that can siphon out Essence that lies within Verra. This artifact can be used as part of certain war declarations.[3][8]

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