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When a node gains sufficient XP to reach the third stage, it expands into a village. [1] This is when the node will start to develop the first stages of serious services. Buildings that offer goods and services, as well as purchasable housing will be created. These buildings will be property of the node, and players will be buying the deeds for housing from the node itself. Purchasing a house in any of the three forms available also grants the player the right to become a citizen of that node. [1] [2] In addition to services, housing, and citizenship, a village is the starting point for caravans. When sending a caravan it can only be sent to another node that is also tier 3 or above. [3]

A village in game terms only refers to a stage three node, collections of player freeholds placed together are still considered part of that node, and cannot become a separate village other than via roleplay. [4]

Sieging a Village Like other major node features sieges first become available at the village level. When a siege is declared against a village, there is a 3 day preparation window for the village to ready its defenses. [5] After a siege occurs if the defenders are successful there will be a cooldown period before another siege can be declared against the village, currently this is 30 days. [6]


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