Becoming Skilled

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Becoming Skilled is a quest in Ashes of Creation.[1]

Source Alpha-1
Recommended level 1
Start location Alpha-1 starting area
Quest giver Lieutenant Griori
XP reward 10
Steps 2

Step 1

Go to Headmaster Varus

Step 2

Read the road to mastery book besides Headmaster Varus


  • The Road to Mastery
    • [PROMPT] <Read>
      • On your adventures you will gain experience and grow more powerful. Each time you increase your level you will gain additional skill points. Open the skills window to spend them (press J or through the menu on the bottom right).
        • [PROMPT] <Read further>
          • In the skill window you can read about and choose which skills you would like to invest points in. To allocate points, press the + and - buttons next to teach skill. You can freely swap your points between skills to experiment and find which ones you like best. In the bottom right you can see how many skill points you have left to spend.
            • [PROMPT] <Read further>
              • After new abilities are acquired by spending your skill points, you need to drag them from the skill window to the action bar so you can use them in combat. And thus begins your journey on the road to mastery, good luck!
                • [PROMPT] <Finish reading> (Leave)

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