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World events are pop up challenges that exist within open areas of wilderness or POIs, and anyone can join. They adapt in difficulty to player strength and last around 20-30 min usually (though some can be longer).[1]Steven Sharif

Triggering a pop-up event through player activity in Alpha-2.[2]

The event system, it can query a lot of different aspects of the dynamic world state. Right now it's actually just tracking player activity in the world; and for this event in particular, it's looking for us to kill some stuff. So we're out here killing some stuff and eventually the event should trigger once it's detected enough player activity.[2]Clayton Stamper

World events (also called Pop-up events) are small-scale triggered events that exist within open areas of wilderness or POIs.[2][1][3]

  • World events adapt to the strength of the participants. The more players participating in an event the more challenging the event will become and the higher the rewards will be for completing the event.[4][2][1]
    • Participation is not based purely on numbers of players joining the event.[5]
    • Player power and NPC power is not scaled up or down, rather the number and types of NPCs in the event will be affected.[5]
We're not talking about scaling up the player's power, scaling down the power of the NPCs, but rather how many additional spawners start to activate, what different types of NPCs start to join; are they going to be elites? Is there a boss? Those types of things are scalable as part of the event system.[5]Steven Sharif
  • Any player can join a world event.[1]
  • Joining a world event as a party will merge the party into the event's raid group.[6]
    • Players can remain in the raid group after the event or convert back to a party if they choose to do so.[7]
  • World events last around 20 to 30 minutes, but some can be longer.[1][8]
  • Some events incorporate random story-driven interruptions to the normal flow of the world, such as blocking off specific roadways, having a random raid boss, or mobs appear unexpectedly in a zone. Some may lead to wider consequences, such as climate change, plagues, volcanic eruptions, forest fires, or other natural disasters if they are not addressed.[9][10][11][12][13]

List of world events

Event Type Location Objective
Beneath the Stone Shadows World events Titan's Ring Slay the Stormweaver
The Hills Have Knives World events Highwaymen Hills Defend the settlers

Event types

There are a variety of different types of events that are triggered due to certain conditions (predicates) being met.[2][18][3][19]

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