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Latest Vaelune character model 3D renders.[1]

Forged in the heat of the desert, the Vaelune have a Djinn influence that plays a part in who they are.[1]

VaeluneAlpha.png Vaelune (pronounced Vay-lune[3][4]) are a playable Aela Human race in Ashes of Creation.[5]

Trade. Law. Hardship. The Vaelune were forged in the heat of the desert, and through the ages became a blade that bends, but does not break. Through the development of a complex web of relationships and savvy negotiation, the Vaelune grew into one of the wealthiest empires in Sanctus, despite having few natural resources to exploit themselves. Their environment has taught them what it means to kill or be killed, whether through the beasts of the desert or the snakes in the market square.[6]


Vaelune have Jinn influence in their lineage, which manifests as an essence-like rupture in their skin after stepping through the divine gateways.[8]

The Vaelune have an interesting lineage and there is some influence there that when the Vaelune step through the portal, some portions of their body begin to exhibit this almost essence-like rupture in the skin; and you guys are going to see some examples of that in the future; and it is a bit of some Jinn influence in their lineage as a race that sets them apart from their Kaelar counterparts.[8]Steven Sharif

Artistic influence

The Vaelune have a Middle Eastern influence.[9]

Aela Humans

Aelan capital city Aela Alpha-2 concept art.[11]

Pictured is concept art of the former capital city of the Aelan empire![11]

Aelan Humans are split into two races: Kaelar and Vaelune.[5]

Aelan artistic influence

Aelean architecture has a French medieval influence.[16]


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