The Blood Still Due

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The Blood Still Due is a story arc in Ashes of Creation.[1]

The story is told over the course of four phases- four chapters. Each chapter will update spawns, change the quest givers, change what quests are available; and that's across the server. It's not like your individual progress phases that. It's the actual quests themselves you can progress at your own pace, but as long as it's within the window that quest's phase being active.[2]Skott B
  • This story arc is unlocked if any Riverlands node reaches Village (scena 3), providing there aren't too many other major arcs happening in the Riverlands zone.[3]
The Blood Still Due arc in the livestream requires any Riverlands node at level 3, for example, which means there are a lot of options that can enable the arc. It'll also be limited by the number of major arcs happening in the Riverlands, and even if conditions are right for it, it may need to "wait its turn" to start.[3]Skott B
  • This story arc can end in two different ways, by killing a boss at the top of the tower, or by killing a boss at ground level in the supporting city around the tower. Future branches of the story will be dictated by the outcome of this story arc.[4]

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