Task: Perimeter Patrols

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Task: Perimeter Patrols is a quest in Ashes of Creation.[1]

Source Alpha-1
Recommended level 1
Start location Alpha-1 starting area
Quest giver Lieutenant Griori
XP reward 1,700
Steps 4

Step 1

Will take you to the waypoint south-west of the starting portal then continue wrapping around the ruins

Step 2

Go to the next point the ruins besides some Animated Armor

Step 3

The next point is located in the Gate to the East of the portal

Step 4

Next head back to Lieutenant Griori to complete the quest


  • Hello again. I'm glad to see you return successfully. We could always use your help around here, are you interested in some new directives?
    • [PROMPT] Sure thing, what do you need?
      • I knew I could count on you. We're trying to establish a base of safety here, and your assistance is much appreciated. Supply, defense, patrol you name it, We've got a jillion tasks that could use your help.
        • [PROMPT] I'll come back later.
    • [PROMPT] I can't right now, perhaps later. (Leave)

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