Talk:2019-03-27 Developer Diaries: Node Tech

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Tad: My name is Tad Ehrlich and I’m a Senior Environment Artist here at Intrepid Studios.


On Screen Text: Node System Tool

  • Modular/Procedural cities that feel unique
  • Streamlines/Simplifies the design process
  • Allows for a wide variety of layouts
  • Works consistently across 9 different races


Tad: Primarily I am in charge of building the objects in the environment, building out the environment, placing objects, materials for the objects, and anything that is not a person or creature running around, I take part in that. The goal of node system was to make sure that every place was special. Make sure that every node you go into will offer something different, in a different way, in a different place, and then have that same system facilitate all of the races. Whether you go into a node thats human, elven, dwarven, each one will be supported by this system.


Not only that, but it also provides procedural randomization throughout the entire world. Roads, bridges, all that stuff it can be randomized and made different every time you go through this area and it builds up.


Steven: When you enter into a city your going to notice that the buildings, placement of npcs, services that you can access are unique to that particular city. Part of the tool that Tad has been designing has been to accomodate a procedural method by which each city can have its own identity.


Tad: One of the key things that I enjoy in games is a sense of discovery and exploration. I feel like having a system that provides so much variety means that when I find a new place its always going to be special. I’m always finding something new and different and it’s not always cookie cutter stuff strewn all over the world.


Steven: As a player, I’ve experienced a lot of MMORPGS. It’s interesting, everyone I’ve experienced has the same type of railroaded structure. You go from quest A to B to C. It’s something of my desire to create a system that would be dynamic in the creation of your world. To kind of mix the civilization building aspect with the RPG element. I think it goes hand in hand that if we extend this roleplaying game mechanic into the development of cities it creates really interesting gameplay that players can participate in. Part of what this Node Tool provides is for each cities character and identity to be unique to the players that develop it.


Part of the technology that’s being developed here at Intrepid Studios relates to our desire to create a world that is developed by the players. This allows you to see in real time the changes that your affecting on the world around you and not just log into the same static game everyday. This takes what the community is doing and presents it in real time to the players so they can see the effect of their changes.


Tad: We want to make it special when a player finds a node and a node is grown and builds, that it’s different from every other node in the world so that they can claim this node if their special place and we know that someone on the other side of the world isn’t going to have a node remotely like it.


I would say the thing I like the most about working at Intrepid is the fact that it’s such a small cohesive company. Everyone has to interact with everyone else. There are far fewer layers to get in the way of actual production. It’s about making the product and getting it done and making it as good as we can. I like the simplicity of that.