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Ship components and recipes are utilized in the construction of ships in harbors of advanced enough nodes.[1][2][3]

  • Various professions can craft ship components.[1][2] These components can be sold to other players.[4]
    • Previously it was stated that players utilize the ship components that are crafted by ship builders.[4][5][6][7]
  • There will be decorative ship components/attachments.[8]
There are absolutely attachments that can apply to the ship and some of those are decorative in nature. There are also slots that have utility aspects to them as well but are also decorative.[8]Steven Sharif

List of ship components

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Ship building

Naval concept art.[9]

Ships are going to also have classes. Those classes are going to dictate the type of of attachments that can be applied and in what quantity. A military vessel type may have more capacity for weapon based attachments. A transport ship might have more capacity for defensive based attachments. And then you'll have more versatile ships that can share across those types. So in that sense you are constructing a componentized ship for the types of activities you intend to do: Are you a raider? Are you a mover of goods? Are you an adventurer? These types of things are going to inform your decision of what the attachments you're going to have in those three categories.[10]Steven Sharif

Ship building can be carried out by any player in possession of the right components, recipes, and an advanced enough node, coastal or not, with a harbor.[11][1][2][3]

  • Players can choose which "joints" get populated with either offensive weaponry, defensive, or utility attachments they want on their ship prior to construction completion.[10][13][14] The types of attachments that are available are dictated by the ship's class.[10]
  • Ships will likely not have closed spaces or internal compartments such as Captain's quarters.[16]
We are trying to stay away from internal compartments within the ships because that presents a whole different type of user interface and flow that can be a bit cumbersome and problematic, especially in combat and in closed spaces. So we're trying to stay away from that under deck aspect and keep things all on deck for better readability on the player side.[17]Steven Sharif

Ship workstations

Ship workstations are crafting stations located in harbors.[1][4][6][12]

Different professions are responsible for creating different components of the shipbuilding process. And then at the harbor, you will interact with a unique workstation based on having the recipe or the blueprint for the particular ship that you're attempting to build and the components that are then derived from multiple professions to then finally create the ship item.[1]Steven Sharif


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