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There are not going to be obvious quest markers, such as question marks and exclamation marks telling players where to turn.[1]

  • There will be subtle ways that players will acquire knowledge that something is to be done in an area.[1]

Quest givers

Maho, Streamweaver quest giver outside of the Miraleth node in Alpha-2.[2]

As opposed to what we may be used to in other MMOs where you see giant question marks or exclamation points, we've gone a little bit more subtle with the way that certain NPCs reflect their dialogue or quest availability. There's a slight shimmer that exists over the name and their color: Green represents quest logs- quest paths and then the gold represents the shops.[3]Steven Sharif

  • Quest giver NPCs in Ashes of Creation have subtle indicators rather than obvious question marks or exclamation marks. Quest givers are identified by a green shimmer on their nameplates.[3]
  • Not every quest/quest-giver will originate from within a node.[4]
  • Quest giver NPCs cannot be killed by players.[5][6]
When there is an ability to kill a NPC, there should be a good reason for killing that NPC; and denying content to other players is not necessarily a good reason. So, the quest givers themselves are not killable.[5]Steven Sharif

List of quest givers

info-orange.pngTa sekcja zawiera informacje z testów Alpha-1. Będzie aktualizowany po udostępnieniu nowych informacji.
Alpha-2 work-in-progress quest dialog designed by Colby Marchi.[7]

When you're servicing multiple dialogue trees that have many different options, this approach is really conducive to keeping those options front-and-center to the player: letting them see that and navigating through the dialogue tree with a very easy to interact with quest window.[7]Steven Sharif

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