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Pets are available in game from level 1.[3]

  • Pets are usually small creatures, but there may be scaled-up variants of them in-game.[4]
  • There may be emotes associated with mounts and pets, such as petting, hugging, or playing with them.[5]
  • There won't be auto-looting pets.[5]
There is going to be cool, cute, interesting pets that are available; and some may feel very fae-like.[6]Steven Sharif

There are three types of pets in Ashes of Creation.[7][8]

The intention is to make each pet slot unique, so having 1 cosmetic slot, 1 item pet and 1 class skill pet.[8]Steven Sharif

Cosmetic pets

Cosmetic pets were available for purchase from the cosmetic store.[10]

  • Cosmetic pets can be summoned from level 1.[11]

Cosmetic pets, since non-functional from a gameplay perspective, can be summoned at lvl 1.[11]Steven Sharif

Combat pets

Combat pets (also referred to as Item pets or Universal combat pets) may be acquired by any archetype.[12]

It’s important to note, combat pets are primarily horizontal in nature. Where as class pets (like summoner) are a very vertical mechanic.[14]Steven Sharif
  • Combat pets may be tamed from certain creatures in the world.[16]
  • Combat pets are categorized by class and will adhere to a simple trinity structure (Tank/DPS/Support).[9]
    • Tank pets will maintain threat against enemies independent of the pet owner.[17]
  • Combat pets will also be categorized into different rarities.[9]
  • Combat pets may not be able to be summoned in certain dungeons, instances or other spaces.[18]
It will participate in combat. It will allow you different options sometimes, but it won't necessarily increase your power and... you'll be sacrificing something for it.[15]Jeffrey Bard

Summoner summons

The summoner uses abilities that channel through their summons (also referred to as class skill pets).[19][20]

You gain your summons from your summoner class as an active skill and then skills can be further developed with points.[22]Steven Sharif
  • Abilities from the summon appear on the summoner's hotbar. The summoner is essentially playing through their summon.[19][20]
    • Summoner has control over their summon, unless the summon is under ancillary effects.[19][23][20]
  • Summoners will not be able to fuse with or be taken over by their normal summons.[19][20]
  • Summoners may also have the ability to transfer pain to their summons, meaning that a portion of damage or threat taken by the summoner can be transferred to their summon instead.[17]
  • Summoner summons are not the same as combat pets.[9]
    • Summoner's summons will add to the summoner's power when they are summoned, unlike combat pets, which take a portion of the player's power.[12]
The Summoner archetype does not have that portion of power taken away when they summon their pet. That's part of their... power is their summon.[12]Steven Sharif
  • Summons will exist until another summon is cast, the summon is killed, or the summoner logs off.[25]
  • Summons can be leveled through the application of skill points to their active skill.[22]
  • Summons will be able to use crowd control (CC).[26]
  • Summoners may be able to name their summons, but will not be able to change their creature type, which is part of the nameplate above the summon.[27]
  • Summons follow the same PvP flagging rules as players and share the player's flag status.[28][29]
Summons follow the same flagging rules as players, if your summon pks someone, you gain corruption[28]Steven Sharif

Summoners summon different varieties of summons, depending on the class and augments they choose.[30][31]

Augments from a secondary archetype can be applied to a summon.[33]

For example: If your summon had a sweeping attack with a claw, or had the ability to bite an opponent, or rush an opponent; and you took teleportation, you could rush them similar to how I've given an example with the tank: Teleporting to a target instead. Or, its claws could combust on impact on a target dealing some burn damage that persists. Or... let's say your summon traditionally was some type of bear or bear cat, you could apply an elemental augment and now it could be a transparent flaming bioluminescent cat; and its damage would be fire based. So, that's how we want to influence the active skills with how augments apply; and that's how it would apply with Summoners.[33]Steven Sharif

Summon appearance

Summoners can change the appearance of their summons.[31][34]

The great thing about the animal husbandry tech that we're creating and the idea of having customization options is that there might be some opportunity there to really create a more customized experience for the summoner and the types of visual representation that their creature has that's more to the players definition. But we will see about that. I think you guys will be getting some updates in the future about that.[36]Steven Sharif
info-orange.pngNiektóre z poniższych informacji nie zostały ostatnio potwierdzone przez programistów i mogą nie znajdować się na aktualnym planie rozwoju.

A summon's appearance is determined by in-game choices.[34]

Pet progression

Combat pets will be levelable and will have gear available to them.[39][40]

  • Combat pets will incorporate some of their owner's power in a way that keeps the power progression horizontal.[12][9][15]
    • Power is delegated to the pet when it is summoned and returned to the player immediately when the pet despawns.[41]

Summoner summons (Summoner pets) do add to the summoner's power when they are summoned.[12]

  • Gear is not available to Summoner summons.[39]

Combat pets, which can be acquired by any archetype- and this is essentially an item that exists within your backpack- you cast the item to summon your pet. When it is summoned it's not intended to be a vertical gain of power, because when you make combat pets a vertical power gain, then it becomes a no choice solution: you must have a combat pet if you want to play efficiently- you must have a combat pet; and I wanted to steer clear of that because the way I wanted to approach combat pets was more of a horizontal power choice; meaning: depending on the type of encounter you're facing, depending on the threat assessment you have, a combat pet might be relevant, or it might not. One combat combat pet might be more relevant than another combat pet and that's part of your gear acquisition, your item chase to attain this more comprehensive selection of combat pets that you can have available to you and can be summoned in the event that you want to engage an encounter with a different aspect of your power curve: Not vertical, but horizontal.[12]Steven Sharif

Pet drops

Mounts and pets are dropped by world bosses on a very rare basis.[42]

Naming pets

Mounts and pets are able to be named by players.[43]

  • Summoners may be able to name their summons, but will not be able to change their creature type, which is part of the nameplate above the summon.[27]

Breeding mechanics

Gryphon concept art.[44]

These are some concept iterations of exactly how the animal husbandry profession's going to work as you create the offspring of different combinations of animals and you find and discover types of mounts. For example this Gryphon: You will have the ability to open up an in-game character customization screen for the animals; and you'll be able to use certain dials to touch different aesthetic aspects of the actual animal's features: On its wings, on its head, its beak, its armor that's going to be present; the claws and talons. You will be able to actually make a unique representation of this mount, so you're just not a cookie cutter like everybody else.[45]Steven Sharif

Animal husbandry will have discoverable blends of breeding.[46][47]

  • Pets, Mounts, Livestock, and Beasts of burden can be captured and tamed to breed the best version of that species.[46][48]
    • Geographical location may be relevant for the creation of certain types of breeds.[46]
    Creatures will have a wide variety of traits and characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, within their species. The best version of a species will need to be blended from creatures from many places across Verra... For example, the best horse would need speed from desert horses, the coat and the health from tundra steeds, and the size and strength of ones that might be in the riverlands.[46]Steven Sharif
  • Royal mounts (such as Dragons) are dropped as eggs that can be cultivated by Animal husbandry artisans with a high enough stable upgrade on their freehold.[49]
    • These mounts are not breedable.[50]
  • Mounts that are bred through animal husbandry may be sold at auction.[51]
    • These mounts can also be applied as certificates toward the construction of caravans.[51]
  • There will be a cap on the number of times an animal can be bred. This is defined by the type, quality, and purpose of the animal.[52]

Once an animal is born, there are stages of development to raise that animal from birth to adulthood. Animal husbandry practitioners will be able to specialise their focus into raising and training creatures to maximise the quality of the creature in adulthood.[46][53]

  • Youngling stage: For mammals this relates to baby animals. For lizards (reptiles) this is an egg stage.[53]

Once these creatures are actually born there is an element of raising the creature. So animals need to be raised from birth to adulthood and trained for the intended purposes, either as a mount, a pet, a beast of burden, or livestock. Animal husbandry feeds a lot of these different aspects; and you'll be able to specialize your focus as an 'animal husbandrist', if that's a word, to one of those particular ends. Players have a multitude of activities to perform like feeding, cleaning the creatures, taking them out for practice rides, training them to fight monsters, etc. This period is very important however- the training period- because it will have the greatest influence on the resulting quality of the genetically determined stats and abilities of the creature once they reach adulthood. So basically as you're discovering these different genetic paths when pairing different animals, and the offspring is born, it will have a window of where a stat block will land. But where it lands will be determined by the training phase by raising the creature up- and that's going to be an important aspect.[46]Steven Sharif

There may be a user interface rather than recipes for the animal husbandry system that records successes and failures of breeding attempts.[54]

I'm not sure that there are going to be recipes per-se. Instead what we're thinking about with the husbandry system is going to be a user interface panel that gives a record of your successes and failures with certain types of breeding attempts; and then from there, if you choose to share that information with other individuals you can of course. But it's not something that's going to be streamlined through an interface that we would use for the player.[54]Steven Sharif

There is a compendium of acceptable parameters for breeding[55], which isn't going to be known until players discover it.[51][56] This discovery may be different for different players.[56]

  • Animals have a unique ID that is tied to the husbandry chart (compendium) that takes into account possible combinations between animals.[51] There will be odd combinations, but there will be limits to what is possible.[56]
  • Discovery of certain breeding habits and different quests may grant access to slots in the compendium.[56]
info-orange.pngNiektóre z poniższych informacji nie zostały ostatnio potwierdzone przez programistów i mogą nie znajdować się na aktualnym planie rozwoju.

A modified character creation system allows customization of Summoner pets and Animal husbandry.[45][53]

  • Changes at the Youngling stage affect the appearance of the animal at adulthood.[53]
  • During the Youngling stage there may also be quests for specific types of cosmetic features.[53]

There's definitely going to be odd combinations, whether it's a butterflyger, giraffealope I don't know, but there will be definitely caps that are present.[56]Steven Sharif

List of pet skins

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