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Helmets (Helms, Head pieces, Hoods) are a type of Armor in Ashes of Creation.[3]

  • Helmet display can be toggled on and off.[3]
    • All head slot items whether part of a complete costume or individual gear, will have the option to be shown or hidden on the character by the player.[4][5]
    • Hair will likely be masked if helmet display is toggled on.[6]
  • There will be capes (cloaks) with hoods.[7]

List of helmets

info-orange.pngTa sekcja zawiera informacje z testów Alpha-1. Będzie aktualizowany po udostępnieniu nowych informacji.
Item Icon Source Rarity Level requirement Set
2nd Sword Division's Helm 2ndSwordDivisionsHelmIcon.png Vendor Uncommon 2nd Sword Division
Cloth Hood of Dark Fortunes EpicClothHelmIcon.png Crafted items Epic 15 Dark Fortunes
Titanbark Helmet TitanbarkHelmetIcon.png Drop Rare Titanbark
Transcendent Plate Helm PlateHelmIcon.png Crafted items Legendary 15 Transcendent
Worn Plate Helmet 3a274f3a-6471-4c38-8949-6dd5d5a2d376-0.png Vendor Common 1 Worn

Helmet cosmetics

Gear slots

Alpha-2 Fighter character sheet UI.[8]

We wanted to create something that would handle a couple of different roles, with obviously your equipment slots for what we call a "paper doll", which is that display of your character. Eventually it won't just be a image of your character, we hope to have the 3D character and be able to rotate around, look at what you're wearing. And then we wanted to support a couple of different features here, with some base stats; the equipment, which will show what equipment you have available to quick swap, so you don't have to have your inventory and the screen open; detailed stats for those people who want to get into all of the details; and then of course gear sets. So this is going to be able to swap to your sets of gear quickly; and being able to save different loadouts.[9]Colby Marchi

There are multiple gear slots in Ashes of Creation.[9]

  • Previously it was stated there were 16 gear slots.[20]


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