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Freehold progression unlocks new bonuses, abilities and capabilities for freeholds.[1]

  • Freehold buildings are able to be levelled up based on the length of time and productivity of the freehold.[1]
We want there to be progression in many systems and part of the freehold progression is that when you establish these base buildings the longer and more productive you are and exist with that freehold, the more opportunity those buildings will have to both level up: offering new bonuses, new abilities, new capabilities; and just surviving in this world is a feat in and of itself, so it's rewarded by allowing progression with those things.[1]Steven Sharif

Freehold buildings

Freehold building types.[2][3]

After you build your house, you can build other buildings on your Freehold. Each building needs the blueprint to start the process. If you have a cosmetic skin you want to use on a building, this is used after placing the blueprint. Once this has been placed, the building will be shown in a non-functional, construction state. Players will need to provide the required materials needed to complete the building construction, for each building on their Freehold. No Freehold has room for every possible option, so players will need to choose how to develop their Freehold by choosing to build specific artisan buildings, business buildings, and creating room for livestock and crops.[4]

Freehold buildings that can be placed on a freehold plot serve three main purposes.[4][3][5][6][7]

Freehold buildings require blueprints and materials to construct.[4][9]

  • Sheds are present on empty freehold plots to provide storage for materials needed to construct freehold buildings.[10]
  • Some freehold buildings have multiple tiers, with different footprint sizes.[3][11]
  • Upgrading a tier will not change the size of the building in terms of footprint, but may increase in height.[11]
  • Basements in freehold buildings are to be decided.[12]

Freehold taxes are calculated based on the number of permits issued for buildings on a freehold.[4][13][14][15][16]

  • Buildings that require permits will have additional upkeep costs.[4]

Freehold building architecture is based on the blueprint for the building.[3][17]

The way we look at it is the freehold is your space so we want you to be able to make it look the way you want it to.[17]Jeffrey Bard


The longer a tavern is in business and the more patrons served, the faster the tavern will level up.[22][23]

Q: What benefits do players receive for taking on the role of a tavern owner?
A: You will get noticeability with regards to your creations because that will be displayed to the characters that consume those things; but, in addition, you can get certain types of itemization rewards depending on the number of patrons that you serve. You can also reap economic rewards, such as gold from the inn that you are selling your goods at. And then you can unlock access to certain types of recipes and or vendors based on the level of reputation you build up in that particular node.[22]Steven Sharif
  • Taverns have tech trees that allow the tavern owner to specialize and upgrade specific bonuses and services provided by the business.[24][23]
info-orange.pngNiektóre z poniższych informacji nie zostały ostatnio potwierdzone przez programistów i mogą nie znajdować się na aktualnym planie rozwoju.
  • There may be quests that can only be gathered from player-owned taverns.[23]

Freehold farms

Alpha-1 freehold farm.[25]

Crops are intended in Ashes to be a rotational profession that is dependent on having the appropriate seedlings and/or any of the necessary tools.[26]Steven Sharif

Freehold farms are workstation plots available for farming crops and livestock on freeholds.[27][27][28][29][30][31][32]

If farming and raising animals is important to you, then know that having room for this on your Freehold is a balancing act. Since Freeholds have space constraints, players will need to make choices about how much room they want to set aside for buildings, and where they want to do things like crop placement and rotation, and where to put livestock animals.[4]
info-orange.pngNiektóre z poniższych informacji nie zostały ostatnio potwierdzone przez programistów i mogą nie znajdować się na aktualnym planie rozwoju.
  • Artisan freehold features are also affected by adjacent terrain features. For example: building next to a river provides a nearby source of clean freshwater, and will have a positive effect on crops.[34]


Alpha-1 Fishery on a freehold plot.[25]

You actually see there a small pond, which is actually another type of farmable area that we're going to have available on the freehold system, which is essentially a fishery so to speak. So fish play an important role from a raw gatherables a standpoint, but also again because a lot of the components of the freehold system are intended to be processing of raw materials, the fishery allows for a focus on specific type of fish gatherables that may only be gathered through the fishery blueprint.[26]Steven Sharif

A fishery is a farmable workstation that can be placed on a freehold plot. A fishery allows gathering of fish that are unique to the fishery blueprint.[26]

Freehold professions

Business chains

There's no reason why you couldn't license your name to somebody else who also has a freehold and who also has an Inn and work together.[36]Jeffrey Bard

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