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Concept art depicting livestock in a Dünir village center.[1]

Farms are constructed service buildings in nodes that cater for lower-tier farming activities.[2][3]


Farming harvestable crops on an Alpha-2 freehold farm.[4]

Farming is generally focussed on growing crops like this and then dealing with livestock over there like that; but generally what you want to do is gather some seeds from either vendors or open-world. You can gather or find some seeds on the open content and you're going to come to your freehold and plant them; and then depending on what processing level you have and what processing stations or buildings you might have, you might grow crops like a little faster, produce better crop rotations; and just generally farm things that's unique to farming produce compared to in the open-world.[4]Mike Han

Farming is a processing artisan profession.[4][10][5][8]

At first you will likely be individually placing livestock and plants and these will be based on your own efficiency in placing those footprints for those items. But, as you gain progression within either farming tools, or specific types of furniture placements, and even hired NPCs, you can move away from the low tier progression engagement with the player, which is individual placements and start doing wide swaths of placement and painting those different types of resources on the freehold.[14]Steven Sharif


Crops are harvestable resources in Ashes of Creation.[4][5][6][9][8]

There'll be different types of tools and/or machinery that can be used to plant multiple seed types within a particular infrastructure that gives you bundles and/or many different harvestings that's part of progression. So, as you get more adept at farming, you have the ability to mass produce; and the same is true when you talk about quantity, speed of processing across many of the different processing professions[16]Steven Sharif


Milking a cow in Alpha-2.[22]

Milk is a byproduct of a cow and so is beef. So it's up to you how and when you want to harvest your livestock in certain ways.[23]Kory Rice

Livestock are farmable resources on freehold farms.[4][5][6][9][8]

Freehold farms

Alpha-1 freehold farm.[25]

Crops are intended in Ashes to be a rotational profession that is dependent on having the appropriate seedlings and/or any of the necessary tools.[26]Steven Sharif

Freehold farms are workstation plots available for farming crops and livestock on freeholds.[4][4][5][6][7][8][9]

If farming and raising animals is important to you, then know that having room for this on your Freehold is a balancing act. Since Freeholds have space constraints, players will need to make choices about how much room they want to set aside for buildings, and where they want to do things like crop placement and rotation, and where to put livestock animals.[11]
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  • Artisan freehold features are also affected by adjacent terrain features. For example: building next to a river provides a nearby source of clean freshwater, and will have a positive effect on crops.[28]


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