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Business buildings.[1]

If you want to offer sales and services to players visiting your Freehold, consider making room for business buildings. Setting up a potion vendor near a popular hunting area of the game may make your Freehold a destination for adventuring players. There are numerous services your Freehold can offer to other players, such as item shops, consumables within taverns, and resting inns. These services can work without the owner being present.[2]

Business buildings are freehold or node buildings that provide items and services to players.[3][4][5][1][6]

Maintaining businesses requires licensing and payments to the node your Freehold is associated with. This permitting system allows for a certain number of buildings to be constructed on a Freehold. Permits can be obtained from the same node the Freehold was certified from, and buildings that require permits will have an additional upkeep cost.[2]

List of business buildings

Freehold building destructibility

Player housing designs and decorations are retained and can be placed again later if the housing is destroyed during a node siege.[2][8][9]

List of business building skins

Cosmetic freehold building skins for business buildings.[2][12][1][13]

  • These skins can be placed on any business building, regardless of type.[14]

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